Where natural ingredients, fine wine & pampering meet—RubyVine™ Napa Valley

RubyVine products are derived from 100% therapeutic grade essential oils that contain healing tonic properties to best enhance the body’s natural ability to fight the effects of stress.
RubyVine’s Botanical Extracts contain herbal and natural materials extracted from flora (utilizing the flowers, bark, stems and leaves) that aids in boosting psychological and physical well-being.

The oil’s extracted are highly potent variables with the ability to influence our senses quickly, signaling our nervous system to lapse into a relaxed state thereby reducing stress naturally.
Essential oils contain regenerative and balancing properties that stimulate whole body healing when readily absorbed through the skin, traveling through the bloodstream.

Whilst the everyday health benefits to be gained from use of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils are too numerous to mention, the most notable include stress relief, increased cognitive function, composure of the nervous system, uplifted mood, anti-inflammatory affects, and regenerative properties that aid in balancing the mind, body and soul through luxurious pampering.