Where natural ingredients, fine wine & pampering meet—RubyVine™ Napa Valley

Napa Valley is highly regarded globally for world class award winning vineyards and the exquisite beauty of their valley. RubyVine utilizes only Fine Wine culinary grape seed oils (cold pressed) of premier excellence sourced from local vineyards around the Napa and Sonoma Valley region.

The Grape Seed Oil is derived from the seeds of grapes on the vine that have been pressed; meaning they have been crafted pure, removing the need for any refinement. This allows RubyVine to provide an unrefined, all-natural material fortified with opulent antioxidants for healthy glowing skin and a high concentration of Vitamin E.

We created RubyVine like a fine wine or expensive perfume, the product needs time to breathe . There are no synthetic fragrance used only 100% pure therapeutic essential oils . This becomes clear when you inhale the essence of RubyVine, the product needs to breathe on your skin, it takes a few seconds for the oils to intermingle with the chemistry of your skin – Within seconds you will smell 3 notes of fragrance, introducing you to the depth and complexity of the our products allowing RubyVine to create your own personnel scent on the skin.

RubyVine clients can be assured their products have not been genetically modified. Not only has the process eliminated the cultivation of further hybrid or engineered crops but also any acquisition of new farmland, crops or water. This method harnesses the full potential of every resource that Mother Nature has to offer, encouraging a more sustainable environment – meaning the typical life cycle of the materials (plow, plant, nurture, harvest, and compost) is able to be extended by not composting the grape seeds sooner in the cycle as waste products.

In turn, the arrangement engenders a beneficial and harmonious partnership for both the fine wine industry and RubyVine, hand in hand with luxurious products and materials suitable for any day pampering and de-stressing of the body and soul through products and materials that actively boost healthy complexions with hydrated, younger looking skin.