Brand Origin


Where natural ingredients, fine wine & pampering meet—RubyVine™ Napa Valley

When Michelle Whawell left Australia and came to Napa she was mesmerized by the vibrant crimson, emerald, and golden hues of the grapevines radiant in autumn’s honeyed sunlight. As harvest progresses each September grapes are crushed and the fragrance of wine mingles with woodsmoke lingering in the air. This is where Mother Nature’s beauty and abundance are illuminated.

Observing the cycle of plow, plant, nurture, harvest and recycle back to the earth Michelle was inspired to create products evoking the spirit of Napa while incorporating the earth’s natural ingredients. The result is RubyVine.

RubyVine products combine essential oils with botanical elements to enhance your natural beauty. Each luxurious lotion, rich crème, and soothing cleanser contains the essence of Napa. Using only the best local ingredients from independent farmers we’ve created beneficial products which help support Napa’s agricultural tradition.

Local Napa Valley honey and grape seed oils are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which protect the skin keeping it soft, supple, and radiant.

Honeybees are vital to crop pollination. Our honey comes from local bees that help sustain grapevines and wildflowers— the essence of a healthy ecosystem. Honey is an antioxidant containing anti-inflammatory properties—honey is a natural moisturizer that keeps your skin clear and youthful.

We also use pure, unrefined grape seed oil from non-GMO vines. These vines are already planted throughout the valley, allowing us to partner with the fine wine industry while making effective use of a natural byproduct of the grape harvest. Best of all, grape seed oil is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin E leaving your skin hydrated and younger-looking.

RubyVine ingredients like cedarwood, basil oil, cardamom, and chamomile have been chosen to create a strong mind-body connection. If you’re seeking relaxation, balance, energy and revitalization there’s a RubyVine product just right for you.

We created the RubyVine line to share the pleasures of Napa Valley and give you a way to wrap yourself in luxury every day . Treat yourself or a friend to the delights of RubyVine- where natural ingredients , fine wine and pampering meet.